Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Apron Making

I have recently become very interested in making aprons out of old, unwanted material. I like to use a different apron in my kitchen nearly every day so it's great to have a variety of aprons to suit my mood! Here is my first attempt at apron making.

I was at the local thrift shop last week and picked up an old, floral blouse, which I subsequently transformed into this pretty little apron! It was a fun excercise in recycling. I usually head to the thrift shop about once a month to see what I can find. And I nearly always turn my purchases into mini projects to transform them into something nicer / prettier / more useful! Have you ever picked up something old and turned it into something new?

In other news, we received a new member at our feminine womanhood society this week. She is a young woman who was a feminist until recently when she got married. After her wedding she realised how important it is to serve her husband and has spoken to us of her ignorance before her marriage. She is grateful that her eyes have been opened and all of us in the group are also thankful for this. Marriage is such an important sacrament.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bedroom furniture

While browsing for bedroom furniture recently, I found this fantastic set. It may not be to everybody's taste but I think it's only wonderful.

I am considering buying something like this for my own bedroom. What do you HONESTLY think?! :-)

First post in my new blog!

After reading so many wonderful blogs online, I have decided to set up my own. I look forward to meeting lots of likeminded women through this medium. First I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Laura. I live in Michigan with my small family in our big new house! I used to teach in the local high school but have given that up to be a full time homemaker!!

As I am relatively new to this whole homemaking "business", I am looking forward to getting to know people in a similar situation with whom I can share tips and ideas! So if there are any of you out there, feel free to leave me a message. Looking forward to reading all of your blogs too!

Here is our lovely home. We built it just two years ago so there is still so much to do inside, but we're very happy with it!
In my next post I will put up photos of some of the rooms that I am doing up at the moment. And perhaps people will share ideas on what I should do with the rooms!