Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bedroom furniture

While browsing for bedroom furniture recently, I found this fantastic set. It may not be to everybody's taste but I think it's only wonderful.

I am considering buying something like this for my own bedroom. What do you HONESTLY think?! :-)


Farmgirl Cyn said...

I think it looks like something a princess would have!

Faith said...

How Beautiful!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I'd snap it up real fast! I love handpainted and ornate!

LauraS said...

Yes, I think I will go and get the set as soon as I can. As Cyn has said, it's like something a princess would sleep in. How could I let an opportunity like that slip me by!!

Heidi said...

My HONEST opinion is gorgeous! But I think no matter what anyone else thinks, buy what stirs your heart. Each room in our homes is important and should be approached with passion. Do what you love with each room. Follow your heart!

~~ Heidi ~~

restyled home said...

I love the grandeur of it, but when dressing it, I would keep it limited to all white bedding, poufy and light, to keep the focus on the bed and highlight its whimsy!!


bj said...

OMGosh...I love it. Of all places to have "Dream furniture", the bedroom is THE place! Go for it.

Erin~~The Classy Rabbit~~ said...

Hi there,

I just discovered your blog through Julie over at Nunnie's Attic!

I LOVE the bedroom set. It is so gorgeous and timeless and happy and...and...ohhh... I would definitely buy it. Especially if you like it cuz' if you don't, I'm heading your way to buy it myself...hee hee just kidding! I do love it though!!

Have a great evening!

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Ethan Smith said...

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