Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day

I know Valentines Day is often disregarded as an overly commercialised holiday, but if you really look at the hidden message amongst all the Hallmark cards and big fluffy toys, it can be something really special. There is alot to be said for being reminded to tell those you love exactly how you feel about them!

Our local Feminine Womanhood society holds a valentines tea party every year and this year it was my turn to host it. I spent the whole day before Valentines Day preparing for the party but I think my work paid off!

First, I covered the back of the chairs with vintage cloth, then light pink tulle, and tied a beautiful handmade name tag on each one. With my children, we cut out lots of paper hearts and sprinkled them over the table.

These are the chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing that I made and served on this vintage tray.

And above are similar cupcakes but without the chocolate. Also in the picture, you can see that I provided pink lemonade for those who do not drink tea. I tried to stick as much as possible to a pink theme!

These are cookies my good friend, Charlene, made. She made 85, every one being different. You can see, surrounding them, I put beautiful tea tins. And in the tea pots I put hot water, giving my guest a variety of teas to choose from. Also in this picture you can see how I placed an antique hat on every teacup, so when my guests arrived, they could mix and match their hats with their outfits.

It was really a wonderful afternoon with tea, cakes and reading. And I am so lucky to have four little helpers who were so good for Mama when it came to tidying up after everyone had left!


Cottage Contessa said...

Happy belated Valentine's Day! The table setting and the cupcakes look absolutely gorgeous, you did a fantastic job! What a fun ladies club to be a member of. Oh how I do wish I lived closer! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Nan said...

Oh how pretty your table looks. Isn't it fun to have a tea party?
Thanks for visiting the dog show on my post. Bailey really appreciated it. He's 6 now, so he won't be competing and besides........he's had a few too many treats. Kinda like me. LOL

HomemakerAng said...

do you have a formal dining room? these chairs look beefed up from your other dining chairs?

LauraS said...

Hello! Yes, we are very lucky to have a formal dining room. Our other dining table is in the kitchen. But we use our dining room for special family occasions or when we have guests over!